Peep the Process Podcast

The Pandemic Pause

June 18, 2020 James Season 1 Episode 1
Peep the Process Podcast
The Pandemic Pause
Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Peep the Process! In this episode we talk about the process of making this podcast and of return to play after COVID-19. We are joined by an inspiring guest, GJaudy John-Wallace, an NCAA track athlete and dean's list student currently attending George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

During the episode we mention a list of resources which are provided below:

Athlete Self Care- a self-care worksheet developed by Game Plan and the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in sport to help with positive coping strategies and self-care needs
Adapt Worksheet- an additional worksheet on how to adapt to training in a new way. Gives suggestions of ways to change physical, technical and tactical, as well as mental and emotional training.
Anxiety Canada - self-help information and this website offers the Mindshift CBT app. THIS SITE IS FREE!
CCHMS – the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport offer mental health services as well as a Canadian sport helpline, and many other resources.
CSI Ontario-This next link is from the Sport Medicine Advisory Committee directed to and intended for elite or professional athletes. It is updated every Wednesday with news about COVID-19 as well as how, as an athlete, to deal in various aspects of your life.
CASEM - The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) has provided an extensive list of helpful resources on ways to cope and adapt to life during this trying time.

Calm App - Now offering free meditations.
Nike Training App- fitness app that leads workouts and yoga sessions
Strava- fitness app that allows you to track your walk, run, hike, ride, canoe, swim, and more!
Healthy Minds App - Training your mind is the key to your emotional well-being, also free